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Helpful Hints


It is often thought that the higher the Thread Count the better the quality, while this can sometimes be true it is not always the case! Touch and feel is the best way to find out which sheet is best for you.


Consider a quilt and quilt cover that is one size bigger than your mattress, (e.g. Queen Size quilt for your Double Bed). It will drape further down the sides of your bed which looks better and also stops the tug of war over the quilt on cold nights.


Some people find putting the quilt cover on the quilt a difficult task. We recommend that you turn the quilt cover inside out, line the top corners of the quilt cover up with the top corners of the quilt and hold firmly with each hand. Then shake the quilt cover back over the quilt, turning it right way out again until the bottom corners are lined up, and then fasten.


If you like your bed to have a fuller “well made” look, or find that you and your partner tend to fight over the duvet, then you might want to choose one that’s a size larger than your bed, giving you more of an overhang.


A King Size quilt is wider than it is long, so if you put it in the cover the wrong way round you will have too much filling at the bottom and not enough in the sides. Rotate it 90 degrees.