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Frequently Asked Questions
[faq-1-title] I have allergy concerns. How do I prevent dust mites?

The best way to reduce the amount of dust mites in your pillows it to wash them regularly. If allergies are more severe make sure you use hot water (60°C or above) and a pillow protector – such as the dust mite blocking Acti Guard pillow protector – for an extra (washable) layer of protection. When you are purchasing a new pillow be sure to check the care instructions to verify it is washable. If it is not washable, airing your pillow outside on a sunny day will allow the sunlight to bacteria that can cause allergies.

[faq-2-title] What is the best pillow for a back sleeper?

The best pillow recommended for back sleepers is a medium profile pillow with medium loft. This will help promote spinal alignment as the neck will not arch back if too low or tuck forward if the pillow is too high. Always consider the size of your frame however, as you may need to move down to low profile if you’re smaller in stature or vice versa.

[faq-3-title] What is the best pillow for a front/stomach sleeper?

The best recommended pillows for stomach sleepers are low profile with soft to medium loft depending on preference. Thinner pillows will help reduce elevation in the head and neck which can result in neck, shoulder and back pain.

[faq-4-title] What type of pillow is best for sleeping?

The best type of pillow for a good night’s sleep is one that optimally supports your style of sleep whether it be on your side, back, front or a combination. The ideal pillow profile and density will help align your spine, promoting comfort, while fill and other materials used may help regulate body temperature and ease respiratory issues.

[faq-5-title] Is a soft or hard pillow better for your neck?

Whether a soft or hard pillow is better for your neck will depend on your style of sleep. If you sleep on your side a firmer pillow will help support the contour of your neck more effectively, keeping your spine in alignment and reducing the likelihood of pain. If you sleep on your front, a soft pillow is recommended to prevent overarching in the neck.


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Frequently Asked Questions