Wall Art

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Add character and personality to your home styling with wall art and transform the look and feel of your home.

Find The Perfect Wall Art Piece To Complete Your Space

Create cohesiveness in your home styling with wall art that matches your furniture, home décor and personal style. Wall art can be used to draw attention and create a focal spot, making a statement while helping to set the mood of your space. When choosing wall art for your home, it is important to ensure that the wall art fits the size of your space and, if relevant, complements your existing home décor. By matching the theme and colour story of the rest of your room, wall art can become the finishing touch to a beautifully styled space. Not only can wall art create a focal point and add a cohesive feeling to your home styling, but it also helps reflect your style and taste! Wall art is a very personal choice that can help turn your house into a home that is as unique as you are.

Explore Our Premium Wall Art Collection

Whether you’re looking to add a canvas wall art, wall hanging or a collection of wall prints to your home, Pillow Talk’s collection has the perfect piece for you.

Want to create a coastal feel in your home or decorate a beachside holiday home? From tranquil beach scenes to dramatic seascapes and everything in between, the coastal landscapes featured in beach wall art are the perfect way to bring the essence of the coast into your home styling. With classic blue and white tones, create a sophisticated feeling with our range of Hamptons wall art. Sea animal themed wall prints and coral-inspired 3D wall art take a more oceanic approach to the beach feel. Take a tropical trip in your home with palm wall art, whether it’s a stunningly carved wood wall art, canvas wall art with jungle motifs or 3D palm leaf wall art our range has the perfect option for you.

Love a more botanical look? With still-life floral paintings and forest and meadow landscapes, you can bring the beauty of nature into your home.

If you’re a lover of abstract and modern wall art, look no further than the Pillow Talk wall art range. With gorgeous designs that play with geometric shapes and clean lines, you’ll be able to create a modern, sophisticated look in your home. For the minimalist lover of modern looks, black and white wall art is easy to incorporate into your pared-back home styling. Lean into the abstract with wall art that lets you leave the literal world behind and allows you and your guests to form unique interpretations – our abstract wall art is sure to be a conversation starter!

With a wide range of canvas wall art, wall prints, wall hangings and more, you’re sure to find the wall art that suits your home! Explore Pillow Talk’s wall art range online or in-store today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to arrange wall art?

Ultimately, how to arrange your wall art will depend on your space. If you are looking to hang wall art in a smaller space, look towards more petite pieces. Looking to fill a larger space? Make a statement with one sizable piece (or a matching pair) of wall art or go for a mix of small and large wall art in a gallery wall. Hanging wall art so that the centre of the piece is at eye level, which is on average 150cm, provides the best viewing point. This can vary from room to room depending on the purpose – for instance, when hanging wall art above a sofa in a living room where people are usually sitting, you may not want to hang it quite as high. Additionally, it is important to also consider any furniture in the space when deciding how to position your wall art. If you’re looking to hang art above a lounge or larger piece of furniture, it is recommended that the wall art spans two-thirds of the width of the furniture below and has a hand width between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the wall art.

If you’re looking to create a gallery wall (or just want to check that you’ve got your positioning correct), save yourself the trouble of having to hang and rehang wall art – instead, trace each piece of wall art on paper, label the tracing, cut it out and use these pieces of paper and painters tape to try out placements without creating holes in your wall.

Where to buy wall art?

At Pillow Talk, you can choose from a wide range of wall prints, canvas wall art, framed wall art, wall hangings and more making it the perfect place to buy your wall art

How to choose wall art?

The first step to choosing wall art is measuring your space to ensure the wall art you pick will fit! Once you have an idea of the size of wall art you want, consider the colour scheme of your room and the general style of your furniture and home décor. For instance, if you have a coastal style and a lot of blues, whites and naturals it would be ideal to choose a wall art that is also coastal in style or has blue, white and natural tones. Alternatively, if your home is styled quite neutrally, you may want to choose a wall art that has a pop of colour or a bold style for a beautiful focal point in your room.

What size art for your wall?

The size of wall art you choose will depend on the space you have. If you have a smaller space, it is likely that you’ll want a smaller piece of art. If you have a large space, you’ll be more open to a variety of sizes. One larger piece of art can create a statement in a large space whereas a collection of medium and smaller artworks can create a gallery wall effect.