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Types of Blanket

The main types of blankets Pillow Talk stock are

  • Cotton - Summer
  • Microfibre - Winter
  • Wool- Winter

COTTON BLANKETS are ideally suited to Summer, Spring, Autumn or air conditioning. They can also be used for additional warmth in cold weather when used in conjunction with a microfibre blanket. Cotton blankets are suited for when a sheet alone doesn't offer enough warmth.

MICROFIBRE BLANKETS are primarily used on cold Winter nights; these blankets come in varying grams per square metre (gsm). The higher the GSM, the warmer (and also heavier) the blanket.

WOOL BLANKETS are also primarily used during the cooler months; a more traditional blanket that offers good thermal regulation. Being a natural fibre they breathe well.



Blankets are measured in GSM. GSM stands for grams per square metre and refers to the amount of fibre that has been used in the product, the more fibre that is used, the higher the GSM. The higher the GSM, the thicker and warmer it is.

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