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Types of Topper/Overlay

Whether you are just looking for a little more softness and comfort, or extra therapeutic support, Pillow talk has the topper to suit you.

Our range includes toppers/overlays made of:

    • Synthetic - Polyester
    • Standard Foam
    • Memory Foam
    • Latex
    • Feather/Down

Soft and resilient Polyester ball fibre provides a lofty cushion of comfort for a more comfortable night's sleep. It is washable and allergy free. This fill is generally measured by weight in GSM. The weight refers to how much a 1 metre square section of fill weighs in GSM.

*Sleep Sensations topper is only Polyester fill (not ball fibre) and is steam clean only.


Memory Foams were originally developed by NASA to improve seating comfort and G-force protection for astronauts. A pressure relieving material used worldwide in hospitals and nursing homes to improve the comfort and quality of patients' sleep. Memory Foam is the ultimate in comfort and support as it conforms to the natural curves and shape of your body, relieving pressure points, and most importantly, maintaining correct spinal alignment.


Reduces the body's pressure points. Foam "fingers" massage and help distribute body weight evenly. Or alternatively can be used slab side up for a smoother texture, providing more "bounce". They provide increased air circulation to make sleeping more comfortable.


Latex is resilient and long lasting. It conforms perfectly to the contours of the body, providing consistent support, never requiring fluffing. It retains its original form i.e. its shape, firmness and uniformity usually last for the life of the product due to the inherent recovery properties of rubber. The aerated, well-ventilated Latex interior dissipates body moisture. Latex is hypo-allergenic and its anti-microbial properties inhibit bacteria, fungi and house dust mites - so it can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory problems.


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