Rugs & Doormats

Accentuate the overall style of your home décor with our selection of rugs, floor rugs and doormats. Our collection is perfect for protecting your floors while adding an extra layer of style and comfort to your home space. Pillow Talk’s rug range also offers a variety of sizes to suit all spaces from a bedroom rug to a floor mat area rug, living room layered rug or kitchen floor runner.

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When choosing a rug for your space, it’s important to consider its size, colour and design in relation to the rest of the room. Our range of rugs has been thoughtfully curated to ensure that you have a range of choices that will suit any space and any style. With a variety of prints, patterns and colours you can find a floor rug that complements your existing palette or pick a rug that stands out with a bold colour to create the ultimate style statement.

Creating Distinct Zones with Floor Rugs

Floor rugs are an interior design essential and are primarily used within the home to create zones and distinct spaces, particularly with open floorplans. They create visual pathways and clear boundaries that anchor furniture pieces. Floor rugs can be utilised to reinforce an existing design scheme or create an accent colour within the floor rug which is then echoed in other décor pieces.

Choose from our great range of styles - from modern and geometric to neutral or bright. Our range of rugs also comes in a wide range of different constructions from wool to jute, cotton and more to complement your interior theme and colour palette. Explore our collection of floor rugs, doormats and rugs online to elevate your interior décor design.

Floor Rugs for Functional Design

One of the main benefits of rugs apart from their function in creating clear boundaries is that they absorb sound, reducing noise in your home such as footsteps, voices, music and television shows. The denser your floor rug is, the more it can assist in absorbing sounds. Floor rugs, rugs and runners are also very comfortable to walk on over hard surfaces, adding a level of plush comfort underneath your feet as you go about your day.

Importantly, floor rugs can be used to brighten up any space, making the room appear bigger to the eye as well as creating a more inviting atmosphere. Particularly in darker spaces, a lighter area floor rug can really make a big design impact.

Pillow Talk’s floor rugs, rugs and runners can also help to add texture, shape and dimensional quality to your interior design. This instantly creates the illusion of a more sophisticated and professionally designed space, without much extra effort.

Floor rugs, rugs and runners can also be used as art hanging from the wall or as a focal point on the floor. Try injecting some new colour into your space by choosing a fun floor rug! Once you’ve chosen your perfect rug, why not complete the look of the space with the perfect décor.

Discover the right rug for your space with Pillow Talk’s collection of floor rugs, door mats, runners and rugs online or in-store today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a floor rug?

How to clean a floor rug will depend on your floor rug’s size and material composition. Typically, some great ways to clean a floor rug include vacuuming, carpet cleaning, spot cleaning with a damp cloth, as well as shaking off dust and debris outside.

How to make a floor rug non slip?

Making your floor rug nonslip is easy, simply install an anti-slip rug underlay underneath your rug to prevent it from moving. This is typically cut to size to ensure it fits your rug shape and size perfectly.