Bath Mats

Make your bathroom a place of sanctuary and retreat with a beautifully textured bath mat. Our range includes a number of styles, colours and materials that are sure to add an element of luxury to any bathroom. Choose a bath mat that will coordinate with your towels and décor, and turn your space into a mini oasis.

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Plush Bath Mats

Plush bath mats not only warm your cold toes on cool mornings but add a lovely layer of texture that softens hard tile surfaces. While our fluffy microplush mat is the perfect option to absorb water splashes while remaining stylish. Choose from subtle colour tones, or statement pops of colour to refresh your style with the change of seasons.

Bamboo Bath Mats

A durable bamboo bath mat is naturally water resistant and waterproof withstanding moisture, spills and stains. This material makes our bamboo bath mats a great option for incorporating into your bathroom retreat. Opt for a bamboo spa board to create a spa-like look, or choose a bamboo bath mat for something softer underfoot. With a range of colours, prints and patterns there’s a bamboo bath mat to suit your colour scheme and sense of style.

Turkish Cotton Bath Mats

Turkish cotton bath mats offer indulgence and sophistication. The durability, water absorbency and quick drying of the cotton fabric make it a stylish and practical option to incorporate into your bathroom design. Cotton bath mats are also luxuriously soft, instantly elevating your bathroom design and experience. Choose from a range of colours, shapes and sizes to best complement your space.

Toilet Mats

Our contour toilet mats also offer the luxury of comfort, creating a plush feeling underfoot. A great option for stand-alone toilets, add texture or a pop of colour to your bathroom design with a soft toilet mat. Mix and match your toilet mat and a bath mat to create a cohesive colour story or contrast colours for depth and dimension in your design. If you want to show more love to your bathroom sanctuary by including elements of comfort and everyday bliss, view our range of bath towels and bathroom accessories. Choose coordinating colours for a touch of day-spa luxe. Shop online or in-store now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bath mats for?

Bath mats are to prevent water from dispersing across a bathroom when a person is getting out of the bath or shower. A bath mat can also be used to absorb any leakage from under the shower door and prevent a person from slipping on wet tiles. Typically a bath mat is placed at the foot of the bath or shower door.

How to wash bath mats?

Bath mats should be washed every three to five days. This can be done in alignment with your pillowcase and towel washing schedule.