Relax in style and put your feet up on one of our stylish poufs and ottomans. A style staple in any living room or outdoor space, poufs are a versatile piece creating added areas for seating, functioning as a footrest, and a place for showcasing décor.

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Poufs and ottomans are some of the most versatile pieces of interior décor, with multiple uses inside and outside of the home. Poufs are most commonly used within living spaces are fancy footrests and extra seating solutions. However, they can also be used as a kid-friendly modular side table by pairing two larger poufs or ottomans together in your living room to function as your side tables.

The flat top and robust nature of the pouf create a great table-like counter space and set down spot, perfect for holding books, candles, remotes, table lights and more.

Poufs & Ottomans in Bedroom Design

Outside of the living room poufs and ottomans can also be used in your bedroom design. Try adding a colourful, textured, or playfully patterned pouf ottoman to the end of your bed instead of a classic bench seating. This creates an accent piece and sculptural focal point in your space, adding a pop of your style personality into the room.

Poufs & Ottomans in Activity Room Design

Poufs and ottomans also pair well in children’s activity rooms or media rooms, providing soft moveable playroom seating for all. To style your ottoman for a children’s room or playroom, make a statement with a bolder colour or play with a pattern to create a youthful and energising room design.

Go bold and create a statement with an emerald green pouf, keep it classic with a cotton natural beige pouf, or play with textures with a soft sherpa ottoman. Complement your signature style and match your couch to your pouf or ottoman with our variety of different materials, including cotton, seagrass, jute, upholstery, and wood! Explore Pillow Talk’s timeless pouf ottoman collection online now.

Poufs & Ottomans for Outdoor Living

However, poufs and ottomans don’t only have a space in the home, but also outdoors. Pouf ottomans are great to style as outdoor lounge seating. Whether it’s on the grass, beside the pool or on the back deck, they’re a great piece to keep on hand for elevated outdoor living.

Still stuck on how to style your pouf? The pouf ottoman is a great décor item to fill up any empty or awkward spaces in your home. If you have a spot you have been struggling to style, try adding a pouf to the room to infuse a new texture, accent colour, or complementary design to the space. Poufs are great for placing in the empty spaces beside feature mirrors, awkward corners, and blank sides of the room. Even add a pair or trio of poufs to create a more intentional and meaningful design statement.

All Pillow Talk poufs and ottomans have been crafted from durable materials to ensure their longevity in your home design. Shop our curated collection of poufs and ottomans online or in-store now and infuse a pop of personality into your home today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are poufs used for?

Poufs are primarily used in interior design as added seating, a footrest, playroom seating, media room seating, modular side tables, sculptural room accents, outdoor lounge seating, bedroom bench seating and much more.

Why is it called a pouf?

The word pouf comes from the French term ‘bouffer’ which means to ‘puff’ or to ‘blow out’.