Blockout Curtains

Create a sleep sanctuary or simply protect your space from harsh sunlight and cool draughts with ready-made blockout curtains. They are the perfect curtain for lazy Sunday morning sleep-ins, movie rooms, nurseries, and shift workers looking to get a great night of sleep by blocking out all light.

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Pillow Talk’s curation of blockout curtains is not only beneficial to block out sunlight, and elevate your space, but they also help to prevent fading carpets and furniture from unwanted sun damage. For a more styled look, they also pair perfectly with a sheer curtain to add dimension and depth to your window treatment. Explore our collection of blockout curtains online or in-store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blockout curtain?

A blockout curtain is a curtain that blocks out all light when they are drawn closed. They are typically made from heavy and tightly woven fabric with a backing that sunlight cannot penetrate such as layers of acrylic coating. Alternatively, blockout curtains can also be made by lining a curtain fabric with a heavy backing that the light cannot infiltrate. Blockout curtains are often used in the bedroom to improve sleep quality and insulation. Read more in our curtains buying guide.

How to clean blockout curtains?

Initial Clean (For All Fabric Types):

  • Take the curtains down and remove all hardware.
  • Shake the curtain outside to remove debris and dust.
  • Vacuum the curtains to eliminate any remaining dirt.

Deep-Clean for Foam Coated Fabrics:

  • Gently vacuum curtains to remove any visible dust that has accumulated with an appropriate attachment on a low power setting
  • Warm hand wash with mild detergent. Ensure you do not soak, wring, bleach or rub the curtains while washing
  • Rinse well
  • Allow your curtains to drip dry in the shade with the fabric side down and ensure wet coated sides do not touch while drying
  • Avoid using pegs or folding curtains over a clothesline You may use a warm iron under an ironing cloth on the fabric side of your curtains
  • Please do not dry clean or tumble dry

How to layer sheer and blockout curtains?

Using a double rod bracket, layering curtains is easy.

  • The Look: Firstly, consider the desired look of your window treatment and whether you would like the sheer curtain as the base layer (behind the blockout) or the top layer (at the front).
  • The Texture: Consider the textual interest in your layering treatment. Typically, a solid colour blockout curtain is paired with a patterned sheer curtains or vice versa.
  • The Colour: Consider the colour combination you would like based on your space and design style.
  • Let’s Hang: mount the double rod bracket to the wall, thread your chosen curtains onto their rods and place onto the bracket. Place these in your desired order based off step 1.