Uplift your home with our range of enchanting fragrances. From the elegance of white gardenia to the delicious scent of jasmine and magnolia, there is a fragrance suited to everybody’s tastes.You can choose one signature scent for your whole home or select a few different options so you can change the mood for different guests and seasons.

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Fragrances not only evoke memories, but they can influence the way we feel. Changing the scent during your time at home can help put you in the right mood throughout the day.

Consider starting the day right with energising blood orange in your bathroom or bedroom and changing to cotton flowers & freesia to emulate an uplifting breeze in your home office or living space.End the day by drifting off to sleep with our sea salt & vanilla scent,transporting you to the beach with crashing waves lulling you to sleep.

Home fragrance is no longer limited to candles, explore flam-free options like our Glasshouse Scent Stems and Fragrance diffusers. This is a great option for fragrancing multiple rooms within the home without having to monitor open flames.

Fragrance diffusers and reed diffusers offer the same stunning scents as our candles in a convenient and stylish bottle you can display on counters, coffee tables, bookshelves, bedside tables and more.

Discover your next signature scent with Pillow Talk’s curated collection of home fragrances. Shop online or in-store today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is home fragrance?

Home fragrance is a core part of home decor to create a memorable and enriching design experience. Scent can be used to evoke emotions, encapsulate places, nostalgia, or memories to transport and set the tone for any space.

Within the context of home fragrance, a combination of candles, diffusers, fragrance sticks, and soy melts can be utilised within a room to elevate the design rather than simply improve the smell of a space.

Which fragrance is best for home?

There are several different forms of home fragrance one can use throughout their home including candles, diffusers, soy melts and more. However, the best fragrance for your home will depend on your scent style and personal preference.

Candles are the most popular home fragrance option for their aesthetic appearance and ease of use to make your home smell nice. Typically, candles take 1 hour of burning time to enhance the smell of a room and the scent can linger for up to another hour after being snuffed depending on the size of the scented candle.

Another option for home fragrance is a reed diffuser where the oils will get absorbed by the reeds and spread the scent around the room. Similar to a candle, diffusers take 1 hour to begin to release the scent and can last a few months. This is a great choice for fragrance lovers who want long-lasting scents throughout their homes.

How do you fragrance a house?

An easy way to fragrance a house is to invest in multiple home fragrance forms such as candles, diffusers and room sprays to create a layered scent profile for your home. Purchase the same scent in candles and diffusers if you want to stick with a signature scent or choose a variety of complementary scents to create a layered home fragrance profile.

Place at least one home fragrance décor element within each room and keep lit for at least one hour to begin to spread the scents throughout the home.