Bath Towels

There’s nothing quite like hopping out of the bath or shower to be wrapped in a luxuriously soft bath towel or bath sheet. At Pillow Talk, our curated collection of towels, bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels and more offers indulgent layers of comfort to instantly elevate your bathroom experience. Crafted from the finest fabrications from Turkish cotton towels to soft Australian cotton towels, you can find the perfect piece to complete your space.

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Create your dream bathroom sanctuary with our soft & stylish towel range

Whether you are searching for a soft and absorbent towel to bundle up in, or a stylish hand towel to keep beside the sink, Pillow Talk’s wide range of towels has something to suit. Our towel collection has been curated with both form and function in mind to make your everyday routines a little bit brighter. Invest in a matching towel range to keep your linens looking coordinated, or mix and match towels to create a layered bathroom design.

Indulge in everyday comfort with our range of bath sheets & towels

While towels are an essential linen to have on-hand, with more fabric to wrap yourself up in than a traditional bath towel, a bath sheet can transform your everyday bathroom routine into a tranquil spa-like experience. At Pillow Talk, our bath sheet range offers the ultimate style solution with a variety of premium fabrications and colourways to complement your bathroom design. Our bath sheets are available in quality cotton fibres from breathable combed cotton, classic cotton, Australian Cotton to Turkish cotton; find a fabrication that adds texture and dimension to your bathroom decor.

Whether you’re looking to replace existing bath linens, refresh your towels or infuse a pop of colour into your space, our curated collection of bath sheets has something to suit. Our towel, bath towel & bath sheet collection also features a variety of different styles and colourways to create a cohesive colour story within your bathroom. Choose from classic neutral colours such as a white bath sheet, black bath sheet or grey bath sheet to complement a monochromatic style or minimalist design scheme. Alternatively, if you’re looking to add a pop of colour you can contrast natural neutral tapware and appliances with a pop of colour in your bath linen and towels with colours such as an ocean blue bath sheet, sage green bath sheet, terracotta pink bath sheet or burnt orange bath sheet.

The towelling style options are endless! Not only do bath sheets and towels add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom design, but they also serve a valuable function. With added length and width to a standard bath towel, bath sheets offer more absorbency with complete body coverage. This makes stepping out of the bath or shower a simple and quick drying process. Create a luxurious bathroom experience for your every day with Pillow Talk’s premium collection of towels, bath towels and bath sheets. Shop online or visit a local store near you today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best bath towels to buy?

The best bath towels to buy are those made of a high-quality fabrication such as cotton or bamboo. This will ensure the bath towel is breathable, absorbent, and long-lasting so you can make the most of your bathroom linens. A Pillow Talk this is a primary consideration when designing our bath towels. All of our stylish bath towels are made of quality fibres and fabrics for longevity and durability.

How to fold and store your towels?

To store your towels, we recommend finding a dry and cool place for them, like your linen closet or a set of drawers. If you don’t have a linen closet space, storing them in baskets is another option to keep your towels organised before you need to use them. Before putting away your towels, whether into a linen closet or baskets, it’s a good idea to organise them into sets. Consider if there are sets you use for specific bathrooms or if each person in your household uses a certain set and organise them accordingly. From there, you can fold each set into a stack and place them on the shelf, in the drawer or the basket. Alternatively, you can roll your towels for a more spa-like look or if you are storing them in drawers, fold them so that they can stand vertically making them easier to access.

How many bath towels should you own?

How many bath towels you should own depends on the size of your household and linen washing schedule. However, on average it is recommended per person to own two complete sets of towels. This can ensure one bath towel set is ready for use while another is in the wash.

For a 4-person household, it is recommended to own on average eight bath towels, with additional bath towels available for guest use.

What is a bath sheet?

What is a bath sheet used for?

What size is a bath sheet?

An Australian bath sheet is typically 100cm x 160cm in size. This is larger than a bath towel which is on average 70cm x 135cm. Read our Bath Towel Buying Guide for more tips.

What is the difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet?

The primary difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet is it’s size. A bath sheet is larger than a standard bath towel, which therefore offers more absorbency and coverage.

How often should you wash your towels?

It is recommended to wash your regular bath towels every 3-4 uses and your exercise or gym towels after every use to keep them clean and hygienic. Due to the frequency you use your towels, it is often a good idea to purchase multiple towel sets so you can always have a towel on hand despite your towel-washing rotation. Additionally, having multiple towel sets and towel options is essential when hosting guests in your home too!

How to style towels like hotels and spas?

The first step to a luxury hotel look in your bathroom starts with high-quality towels that are thick, absorbent and plush. Choices like Turkish cotton and Australian cotton deliver superior softness and you can use our absorbency and weight indicators to find the perfect towel range that fits the bill.

For an ultimately superior experience, we recommend choosing a bath sheet that is slightly larger than a bath towel and is a common choice at luxe hotels and spas. Once you have your towels, it’s time to style them. Most hotels and spas will either fold and stack their towels or roll them for a more decorative look that is also classic and functional.

To fold your bath towel, lay the towel horizontally on a flat surface. Fold your bath towel or bath sheet in half lengthwise and then fold in thirds along the width with any embellishments facing outwards. Complete this with the rest of your towel collection and stack them in size order, with any larger bath sheets or bath towels at the bottom. You can then place these on a shelf or stool or inside a basket for that classic hotel and spa towel look.

To roll your bath towel, lay the towel horizontally on a flat surface. Fold the bottom left corner to the centre lengthwise, creating a triangle. Repeat with the bottom right edge and then smooth out the towel. Once smoothed out, flip the towel over with the pointed edge on the right. Start rolling tightly from the left-hand side and once you’ve rolled the entire towel, tuck in the flap so that it holds its rolled- up position. Once you have rolled your towels, you can create a towel pyramid by stacking them for a luxurious spa vibe.

For hand towels, you can either fold or roll them and display them next to the sink on your vanity or fold them over your hand towel holder for a practical yet stylish touch. Once in use, hang your towels along a towel rack or on your towel hook to ensure they dry properly.