Fitted Sheet

No bed linen look is complete without a luxe fitted sheet to tie it all together. Forming the foundations of all bedding, the fitted sheet a staple component in any bedroom design and one of the most utilised bedding pieces in an entire linen cupboard.

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Choosing a premium fitted sheet can elevate your overall sleep experience and quality. Drift off to sleep in indulgent comfort, with Pillow Talk’s curated collection of premium fitted sheets and create your dream sleep sanctuary today.

Fitted Sheet King

Ensure a night of uninterrupted sleep with our premium king fitted sheets. Consciously designed to tuck over the corners of your king mattress and stay there, avoid bunchy sheets and keep comfy with Pillow Talk’s range of king fitted sheets. Style with your favourite flat sheet, quilt cover, pillows and a throw to complete your bedding look!

Fitted Sheet Queen

Out fitted queen sheets have been designed to give you a sound night’s sleep and perfectly fit to the curves and contours of your queen mattress. Create a bed fit for a queen (or king) with our queen bed sheets and queen quilt covers for a refreshed and rejuvenated sleep sanctuary style.

Fitted Sheet Double

Double trouble, Pillow Talk’s fitted double sheets when partnered with our flat sheets are the recipe to a great night’s sleep. Explore our wide range of double fitted sheets, from cotton fitted sheets to linen fitted sheets and more! Pair with a flat sheet, quilt cover, throw and pillows to complete your sleep sanctuary.

Fitted Sheet Single

At Pillow Talk, our fitted sheet singles are a great option for space-saving sleep sanctuaries. From small apartments to university rooms, shared living and more, our fitted sheet singles offer premium fabrications and contemporary design for a sound night’s sleep.

Fitted Sheet Types

Whether you’re looking for beautiful and breathable lightweight linen fitted sheets for summer, a high thread-count cotton fitted sheet to elevate your sleep sanctuary or super-soft flannelette fitted sheets to stay warm this winter, Pillow Talk’s fitted sheets selection has something to suit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fold a fitted sheet?

Folding a fitted sheet can be difficult due to its elastic corners which can cause the sheet to make a strange shape when folded. So, here’s our handy step-by-step guide to folding a fitted sheet:

  1. Hold the sheet lengthwise with your hands inside two adjacent corners.
  2. Flip one corner onto the other, so they are now nested together.
  3. With your hands still inside the corner, move down to the next set of adjacent corners.
  4. Fold the second set of corners over the first set, just like you did in the previous step. Now you should have all four corners nested together.
  5. Lay the sheet on a flat surface with the elastic edges facing up.
  6. Smooth out the sheet and straighten the edges to create a rectangular shape.
  7. Fold one long side of the sheet towards the centre, then fold the other long side over it. You should now have a long, narrow strip.
  8. Fold the strip in half lengthwise, bringing one end to meet the other. The elastic edges should be tucked inside the fold.
  9. Fold the strip in half or into thirds, depending on the size of the sheet and your preference. Continue folding until you achieve a compact square or rectangular shape.
  10. Store the folded fitted sheet in your linen cabinet or closet.

What is a fitted sheet?

Fitted sheets are a type of bed sheet that sits on top of mattress protectors and toppers and is designed to fit snugly over a mattress.

What are fitted sheets used for?

Typically, fitted sheets have elastic corners or a fitted band around the edge of the sheet which allows it to be easily tucked tightly around the entire mattress. They are most commonly used in households to keep the sheet in place, even though you may move around during the night.