Introducing our multi-Canstar award winning coverlets! Rated the best in the business, our coverlets are the perfect companion to your quilt cover as an extra layer or are perfect as a light layer in the warmer months.

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A coverlet was classically designed as a decorative layer to sit on top of your quilt cover or folded at the foot of your bed to enhance the look of your bedroom décor. Create a light, fluffy and luxurious bed linen design with ease thanks to Pillow Talk’s quality coverlets and coverlet sets.

A Bed Linen Staple

Coverlets are a core bed linen staple within any household due to their versatility. Instantly transform the look of your bedroom by simply changing your coverlet with a fitted sheet and top sheet for a breathable and comfortable bedding option. This provides added weight to create a cosy sleep environment without the risk of overheating in warmer months. During summer, effortlessly remove your quilt cover and other warm bedding and leave the coverlet as the perfect standalone bed covering.

Our coverlets are also perfect to use in the warmer months as a lightweight, standalone bed cover or layered with a quilt for added warmth. Whether you’re after simple and classic or printed, colourful, and vibrant—our range of coverlet sets offers something for everyone. Explore Pillow Talk’s premium range of coverlets, coverlet sets, and bed covers and elevate your bedding design today. 

How To Style A Coverlet

Adding a point of visual interest, coverlets can instantly elevate your bedding to create a contemporary hotel-inspired design. Style your coverlet with matching pillowcases, throws and statement cushions to complete the look.

Our coverlet range has a variety of colours, prints and patterns to echo your design themes and create a cohesive bedroom design. Choose from classic neutral tones such as a white coverlet and beige coverlet to pops of colour such as blue, ink navy, burnt orange, sage and more. Or add a bold print or pattern to draw the eye into your bedroom design with a floral pattern, tropical print or Hampton’s style stripes. Alternatively, contrast your existing bed linen with a textured coverlet such as velvet or chevron quilting.

As the comfort experts, at Pillow Talk we offer only the best in comforter quality. Our coverlets are crafted from the finest lightweight cotton and microfibre materials for the perfect night’s sleep each and every evening. The coverlet can add warmth, texture, and enhanced comfort to your bed. Shop the premium coverlet collection online now or head to your local Pillow Talk store today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a coverlet set and a comforter?

The biggest difference between comforters and coverlets is that comforters have a higher loft, meaning they look more ‘fluffy’ and ‘cloud-like’ than a coverlet. Coverlets have less fill making them more lightweight and more easily layered with other bedding pieces such as quilt covers and throws. Coverlets often have a cotton outer fabric for extra breathability, making them an ideal option for the warmer months. Comforters offer a simple styling solution, warmth and a voluminous look while coverlets are a lightweight option, ideal for decorative styling, a lightweight option in warm climates or layering in cooler months.

What are coverlets?

Coverlets are a lightweight layering piece of bed linen which can be used on its own in warmer months, layered over a quilt for cooler climates, or artfully arranged at the foot of the bed for an elegant bedding design. Available in all standard bedding sizes, comforters are similar to quilts in their composition. However, coverlets offer a lightweight and fluffy looking bedding option as they don’t carry as much weight as a typical quilt would.

How to layer a bed with a coverlet?

Layering a bed with a coverlet is a great way to add texture, warmth, and style to your bedding. Here are some steps to help you layer a bed with a coverlet:

  1. Start with a fitted sheet and a flat sheet: Begin by fitting a clean and crisp fitted sheet onto your mattress. Then, add a flat sheet over the fitted sheet, tucking the excess fabric under the mattress to create a clean and tidy look.
  2. Add a blanket: Layer a cosy blanket on top of the sheets, either folded at the foot of the bed or draped over the entire bed. Place the coverlet: Layer the coverlet on top of the blanket, cantering it on the bed and smoothing it out. Fold the coverlet back at the top of the bed to expose the top sheet and any decorative pillows you may have.
  3. Add pillows: Add pillows in different sizes and shapes, starting with the largest in the back and working your way forward. Place decorative shams or euro shams behind your sleeping pillows, followed by any smaller accent pillows.
  4. Finish with a throw: Finally, add a decorative throw at the end of the bed for an extra pop of color and texture.

By following these steps, you can create a layered and inviting look for your bed with a coverlet as the centrepiece. Elevate your bedding today with Pillow Talk’s premium coverlet range.

What is a coverlet vs quilt?

A coverlet and a quilt are types of bedding that can be used to cover a bed, but they differ in their construction and thickness. A quilt is typically made up of a top layer of decorative fabric, a layer of batting or insulation in the middle, and a bottom layer of backing fabric. These three layers are sewn together in a decorative pattern, which creates a quilted look. Quilts are usually thicker and warmer than coverlets and are often used as a standalone bedspread.

On the other hand, a coverlet is a lightweight, decorative bedspread used as a decorative layer on top of a thicker comforter or blanket. Perfect for year-round use or warmer climates, coverlets are slightly thinner than quilts and can be quilted or woven. In comparison to the intricate stitching patterns of a quilt, coverlets have a simple and elegant design.