Curtain Rod Sets

Our versatile curtain rod sets allow you to frame windows of all shapes and sizes. The timeless hardware is made to last and lets your curtains speak for themselves. Thoughtfully designed, the extendable curtain rods effortlessly drape material to complement your window treatment. Explore Pillow Talk’s range of quality curtain rod sets now and frame your space in a way that suits your signature style.

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As experts in home design, at Pillow Talk we understand how vital the right finishings are not only to your room, but also to the desired look of your window treatment. After all, curtain rods assist in framing your space and play a key part in window styling. Our curated collection of clean, modern and minimalist curtain rod sets can work any design theme to enhance and elevate.

From coastal to bohemian, modern farmhouse, Hamptons and more, a simple curtain rod style can look thoughtfully placed in any home.

Extendable curtain rods are effortless to set-up and easy to install, making draping your curtains a simple task. Each curtain rod set includes all the items you need to hang your rods and curtains including an extendable rod, finials, brackets, screws and wall plugs.

All Pillow Talk curtain rods are also made from durable metal to ensure longevity in your home design. A determining factor in any window design, a strong curtain rod will ensure your railing won’t bend or warp over time and can hold heavier curtain weights.Each extendable curtain rod from our collection can range from 140cm to 250cm wide or 230cm to 400cm to easily complement your chosen curtains and window dressings from sheer to blockout.

From black curtain rods to chrome curtain rod sets, create an inviting and atmospheric home design with our collection. Each extendable curtain rod set also comes with brackets and mounting hardware to make hanging up your curtains a breeze.

This can also ensure our curtain rod sets can fit your window size perfectly, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of mismeasurement or returning items that do not fit the space.Our simplistic curtain rods allow your curtains to make the true style statement in your window design. Discover Pillow Talk’s quality curtain rod sets online or in-store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install and hang curtain rods?

How long should your curtain rod be?

Depending on your desired look and window size your curtain rod can be a variety of lengths. As a rule of thumb however, your curtain rod should extend 10-30cm either side of the window to ensure when the drapes are open, the window is fully visible to let maximum light in. However, to create the look of a wider window increase the rod size past 30cm on either side. You can mark out in pencil your measurements on the wall to help visualise the finished product (this can be removed by an eraser when finished).

How to drape and hang a curtain over a rod?

Pillow Talk offers curtains in a range of different header types including eyelet rings, concealed tab top and rod pocket. It is an easy process to hang each of these on a curtain rod; simply slide the curtain rod through either the metal eyelet rings, the fabric tabs on the back of the curtain, or through the fabric rod pocket. The different header types impact the way the curtain drapes when it is on the rod. Eyelets will create a more structured look while the concealed tab top and rod pocket headers will hide the curtain rod from view and give a more relaxed drape.

How many curtain rod brackets do I need?

The quantity of curtain rod brackets needed depends on the type and number of rods required for your window treatment. As well as the size of your window. Typically, one bracket should be placed at either side of your window to keep the rod in place hanging between them. However, if your window size is larger, a third bracket in the middle of the window may be beneficial to stop bending in the rod over time.

How do you install curtain brackets?

  • Measure your windows to ensure you are getting the correct curtain rod.
  • To do this, measure the width of your window and add 30cm to either end allowing for overhang.
  • Mark out where you would like the brackets placed above the window frame. A leveller is handy here to ensure the holes are level for your rods.
  • We recommend installing the brackets about 15cm wider than the edge of the window architrave.
  • You can also use a stud finder to see if your brackets can align with studs.
  • Drill in the brackets to the wall.

How far apart should curtain brackets be placed?

Curtain brackets should be placed 30cm either side and 5 – 15cm above the window or halfway between the top of the window and ceiling. However, this could be widened or enlarged if you want your window to appear larger than it is.