An essential design element in any sophisticated tablescape is napkins and napkin rings. Sitting pretty beside cutlery and glassware in your dining place settings, quality napkins can easily elevate your dining experience. Importantly, they are an opportunity to infuse colour, texture, prints and patterns into your table setting design.

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Whether you choose to mix and match alternating napkin colours for an eclectic bohemian style or keep it classic with a monochromatic table linen look, our expansive napkin collection has something to suit.

With cotton cloth napkins, linen napkins and paper napkins in our premium range, you will be well equipped to host everything from intimate gatherings to large seasonal events.

Cloth napkins can add sophistication and style to any table setting, while also being extremely absorbent of any spills. They are also a more sustainable option if you are a regular host, lasting through many special events for seasons to come.

To add another design element to your tablescape, napkin holders exude luxury and can make even a quiet night at home feel like a restaurant-worthy experience. Style your cloth napkins on each place setting with a napkin ring to hold them in place. Top off your dining table design with cute name tags on top of each napkin for another stylistic touch.

Alternatively, paper napkins are a simple go-to option for larger gatherings where place settings and assigned seats may not be viable. Style paper napkins beside food stations in a buffet dining experience for convenience or keep them on hand around the house to mop up any unexpected spills.

Explore Pillow Talk’s collection of napkins, napkin holders and napkin rings online or in-store now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fold a napkin?

For a typical dinner napkin fold, simply fold your napkin in half and then into thirds to create a neat-looking fold. Place on your plate or underneath cutlery depending on your design style.

How to fold a napkin with cutlery?

To create an angled pocket napkin fold:

  • Fold the napkin in half and then into quarters
  • Fold the open corner’s top layer to meet the opposite cover
  • Turn the napkin over and fold it into thirds
  • Turn the napkin back over and place your cutlery into the pocket

How to fold a napkin into a Christmas tree?

  • Fold your napkin into halves and then quarters
  • Then on the open side, fold the corners of your napkin up by each layer to the opposite corner
  • Place the napkin in your hands and flip it over
  • Fold the left third into the centre and the right third into the centre
  • Beginning at the fold closest to the top, fold over each layer to they are pointing up and tuck each layer beneath the top up under the one before it
  • Fold the final layer underneath your tree to keep it looking flush