Hand Towel

Soft, smooth and plush our premium collection of hand towels can instantly transform your bathroom design into a spa-like experience. Style with a stack of rolled hand towels to create a relaxing and tranquil bathroom atmosphere or keep it classic with a fluffy hand towel artfully arranged bedside your sink.

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Hand towels are one of the most utilised elements within a bathroom and are often used by visiting guests as well as all members of the household. Perfectly positioned sink-side for drying hands after washing, hand towels have prime placement and can easily be utilised to echo design themes and create a more cohesive space. The hand towel can also create a point of visual interest and is an easy way to experiment with new colours, textures, and patterns in your bathroom design.

Varying in thickness, colour, and size, you are sure to find the perfect hand towel to complement your design theme and lifestyle requirements. From Turkish cotton to combed cotton, our quality crafted hand towels will be a signature staple in your bathroom design for years to come. Explore our premium collection online now.

As hand towels are used so often, it is also important to have a variety of hand towels available for between launderings. Pillow Talk’s hand towel collection has an assortment of high-quality, soft hand towels to suit your space. From neutral colours such as a classic white hand towel, beige hand towel or black hand towel, to more seasonal colours such as blue hand towels, green hand towels, and orange hand towels. 

Depending on your preferred style of hand towel, our collection boasts and extensive range of fabrications. This includes natural fibre hand towels, quick-drying hand towels, textured hand towels, super absorbent hand towels and soft-touch hand towels. So, you can be sure to find the perfect towel to match your bathroom routine. 

As the hand towel is so versatile, there are several ways to incorporate this essential element into your bathroom design. One of the most popular methods is as a vignette on your countertop. Simply add a tray to your bathroom vanity and place a smaller hand towel folded on top along with other accessories such as a soap dispenser. Inspired by luxurious hotel design, this styling method creates a sophisticated bathroom décor look and feel. Another way to style your hand towel is layered over your bath towels or towel railings. Simply fold your towels and fold the hand towel over the top to create a layered effect. 

Explore Pillow Talk’s expansive collection of hand towels online or in-store today.