Quilt Covers

Rated 5 stars for overall satisfaction, comfort, design and fit, our quilt covers are the best in the business! Chosen by you, our quilt covers have won the Canstar Blue award for Most Satisfied Customer for 2022 and 2023. Creating the bedroom of your dreams starts with the basics - your bedding.

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Indulge in Comfort with Premium Quilt Covers, Doona Covers & Duvet Covers

Looking for a way to elevate your bedding? Our elegant quilt covers take the hard yards out of updating your linens. Add an extra layer of luxury and style to your bedroom with a premium quilt cover crafted in-house by our talented design team. Available in single sizes to double, queen, king and super king we have the perfect range of quilt covers to suit your individual flair and home décor.

Quilt Cover Materials

Our quilt cover collection has also been thoughtfully crafted to include an array of fabrics and finishes to pair perfectly with any design style. From natural Belgian flax linens to breathable cottons as well as cotton-polyester blends and soft microfibres, our quilt covers are suited to any climate, from tropical Queensland to cold winters in Melbourne.

Create your dream sleep sanctuary with Pillow Talk’s range of quality quilt covers. The perfect touch to upgrading your bedding design from drab to fab, the right quilt cover can instantly uplift and brighten any bedroom design.

As a centre point in the bedroom and a statement piece, a quilt cover is one of the first things the eye is drawn to in the bedroom. Quilt covers made from textured materials, embroidered details or quilting can provides a point of visual intrigue, so ensuring you invest in a quality quilt cover is vital. Refresh your entire bedroom look and feel and immerse yourself in the highest level of comfort by browsing our beautiful bedding collection including luxury sheet sets, pillowcases and throws.

Quilt Cover, Doona Cover & Duvet Cover Types

Pillow Talk’s expansive quilt cover collection also features an array of different colours, prints, patterns, textiles, and sizes to best suit your bedroom and lifestyle. For warmer climates, our lightweight cotton quilt covers, or Belgian flax linen quilt covers provide a breathable option to ensure comfortability when sleeping. While our polyester cotton blend and microfiber quilt covers are perfect for keeping you warm in cooler temperatures.

Our quilt covers come in a range of colourways to suit your space. From neutral tones such as beige, bronze, black, grey, and white to bolder pops of colour such as blue, sage green, pink, purple, orange, red and more.

Styling A Quilt Cover Sets

To style your quilt cover, add a contrasting throw blanket or statement cushions to incorporate new colours or seasonal themes into your bedding design. Mix and match with European pillowcases to complete the look – keep it cohesive or choose a contrasting colour or pattern to suit your own personal style. 

Quilt Cover Sizes

Available in a variety of different sizes, including single quilt covers, double quilt covers, queen quilt cover, king quilt cover and super king quilt covers we have the perfect range of quilt covers and doona covers to suit your individual flair and home décor. For an instant hotel-like look, try buying a quilt cover one size larger than your mattress for the perfect overhang style. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quilt cover?

A quilt cover is a bedding cover that goes over your quilt or duvet to protect it, while also infusing style into your space. As the top layer of bedding, quilt covers are an avenue to showcase your signature style and add a pop of colour to your bedroom design.

How to put a quilt cover on?

There are many different methods for putting on a quilt cover. One simple method for putting on a quilt cover is as follows:

  1. Lay your quilt on the bed
  2. Turn the quilt cover inside out
  3. Match the top two corners of the quilt cover with the quilt
  4. Hold up the quilt and the quilt cover and flip the cover inside out
  5. Shake down and fit the quilt inside the quilt cover bottom corners
  6. Button up the bottom of the quilt cover and place on the bed

What is in a quilt cover set?

A quilt cover set features a quilt cover along with matching standard-size pillowcases to complete the bedding design. Quilt cover sets are a convenient option for creating a cohesive and matching bed linen look!

What size is a super king quilt cover?

A standard super king quilt cover is 270cm x 240cm. At Pillow Talk we have a variety of stylish super king quilt covers to suit your design style. Explore the collection online or at a store near you.

What size is a queen quilt cover?

A standard queen quilt cover size is 210cm x 210cm and is one of the most popular size. At Pillow Talk we stock a variety of queen quilt cover styles to complement your bedroom décor and colour story.

What size is a double quilt cover?

A standard double quilt cover size is 180cm x 210cm. Explore our curated collection of quality double quilt covers online or at a local store near you.

What size is a single quilt cover?

A standard single quilt cover size is 140cm x 210cm. With a variety of classic colours, bold prints and fresh patterns, explore Pillow Talk’s range of single quilt covers online or in-store now.

What is the difference between a quilt cover, doona cover and duvet cover?

There is no difference between a quilt cover, doona cover or duvet cover! These terms can be used interchangeably to describe a protector cover for your comforter, quilt or duvet.

In Australia, the term “doona cover”, “quilt cover” and “duvet cover” are used interchangeably. The term ‘doona cover’ or ‘quilt cover’ is most commonly used in Australia, while the term ‘duvet cover’ is most commonly used in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

What is a doona cover?

A doona cover is the same as a quilt cover or duvet cover. It is a protective cover that goes over a quilt or doona to extend the longevity and lifetime of the bedding. However, it also is a great way to add a touch of your own personality and style into a space!

What is a doona cover set?

A doona cover set features a doona cover and matching standard pillowcases in the same design style and colourway. This is the same as a quilt cover set and is an easy way to create a co-ordinated bedding look!