European Pillowcases

Rest in bed, with the best in the business! Our European Pillowcases have won the Canstar Blue award for Most Satisfied Customers for 2022 and 2023.

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The Finishing Touch To Your Bedding

Add a luxurious finishing touch to your bedding with a set of European pillowcases. Larger in size, our European pillowcases are ideal as a decorative piece for accenting your bed and providing extra support while sitting up.

Our range of stylish and modern European pillowcases will help you get the hotel-at-home feel by making your bed look fuller and more put together. With colours and fabrications to suit every style of room—from rich, botanical greens to lightweight cotton, breathable bamboo and washed linen for Hamptons living, we have something for everyone.

Styling European Pillowcases

Our sheet sets and separates are also designed to complement our quilt covers, pillow cases and coverlets so you can create a bedroom oasis that reflects your style. Experiment with mismatched patterns and statement colours for something bold,or choose matching or complementary hues for a more classic understated style. With sheets available in pastel, bright and natural tones in block colours or contemporary patterns, there’s something for every family member and room in the house.

If you are looking for a replacement pillowcase for your bedding set at home, we have an extensive range of quality European pillowcases in soft colours to complement your existing aesthetic. This includes classic colourways such as white European pillowcases, beige European pillowcases, grey European pillowcases, as well as printed European pillowcases for a bold pop of colour.

Alternatively, coordinate with your new quilt cover by choosing a matching European pillowcase to create a cohesive design feel. Or mix and match from our fantastic range for a statement look.

Elevate your space further with a coverlet or throw and transform your bedroom into a perfectly styled space. Create a cohesive design theme and complement the colours in your bed linen and European pillowcases with a bed throw to complete the look. By incorporating new textures into your sleep sanctuary, you can create add dimension and depth for an effortlessly elegant bedroom design.

For a luxurious bedding style and added sleep support, feature quality European pillowcases in your bedroom design. Shop our curated collection of premium European pillowcases online or in-store with Pillow Talk today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a European pillowcase?

European pillowcases are large, square pillowcases measuring 65cm by 65cm and is used to protect a European pillow and infuse style into any space. European pillowcases are typically paired with bedding behind standard rectangular pillows to create an effortlessly elegant, layered bedding look.

What size is a European pillowcase?

A European pillowcase is a square pillow and measures 65cm by 65cm.

What is the difference between a standard pillowcase and a European pillowcase?

The primary difference between a standard pillowcase and a European pillowcase is the size and shape of each pillowcase.

A European pillowcase is a larger square pillowcase measuring 65cm x 65cm, while a standard pillowcase is rectangular and typically measures 51cm x 56cm. European pillowcases are often styled as a decorative accent behind a standard pillowcase in bedding design to create a hotel-inspired layered look, while standard pillowcases are used to sleep.

What shape is a European pillow?

A European pillowcase is a square pillowcase that is larger in size than a standard rectangular pillowcase.

How to style European pillowcases?

Styling a European pillowcase is simple. Place behind a standard pillowcase to create a fluffy and styled bedding design. Alternatively, European pillowcases can also be used throughout the rest of the home to provide added support and comfort. Place on chairs, sofas, daybeds, benches, outdoor furniture and other rooms to infuse style into your space.