Sheer Curtains

Instantly infuse style into your home and incorporate ready-made sheer curtains into your window design. The lightweight fabric is perfect for diffusing natural light into your home, provides some privacy and is easily layered with blockout curtains for a layered window treatment. Combine fashion and functionality in your space with luxe sheer curtains.

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Pillow Talk’s collection of ready-made sheer curtains has something to suit your space and needs. Ranging from luxury lived-in linen sheer curtains to delicate printed fabrics in a range of colours, these modern curtains are the perfect touch to complete your window design. Get your sheer curtains from Pillow Talk today by visiting us in-store or shop with us online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do sheer curtains provide privacy?

Sheer curtains provide some privacy, however, are primarily used to soften lighting and provide a styled look to the home’s interior. For full privacy consider a layered window treatment pairing sheer curtains with a blockout curtain.

How to clean sheer curtains?

Hand Washing (For Delicate Fabrics): Take rod off the bracket and slide curtains off the rod. Use water and a mild detergent to lightly hand clean the curtains. Air dry outside on the line until only slightly damp. Hang the curtains back on the rod and bracket to dry completely (to reduce unwanted creases).

How to layer sheer and blockout curtains?

Using a double rod bracket, layering curtains is easy.

  • The Look: Firstly, consider the desired look of your window treatment and whether you would like the sheer curtain as the base layer (behind the blockout) or the top layer (at the front).
  • The Texture: Consider the textual interest in your layering treatment. Typically, a solid colour blockout curtain is paired with a patterned sheer or vice versa.
  • The Colour: Consider the colour combination you would like based on your space and design style.
  • Let’s Hang: mount the double rod bracket to the wall, thread your chosen curtains onto their rods and place onto the bracket. Place these in your desired order based off step 1.