Christmas Trees

A staple of the wonder of Christmas, the Christmas tree is a must for festive decorating throughout the holiday season!

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Create Lasting Memories With Our Quality Christmas Trees

Decorating the Christmas tree with friends and family is a quintessential Christmas memory made all the better with the perfect Christmas tree for your space. Whether it’s a classic evergreen artificial Christmas tree you’re looking for, a twinkling LED tree or a Christmas tree standing decoration – Pillow Talk has you covered!

If decorating the Christmas tree is one of your favourite parts of Christmas, it’s important to start with a great base. Our range of artificial Christmas trees provides a realistic pine look and easy set up so you can enjoy your Christmas decorations for longer, year after year.

Looking for a twinkling addition of glamour to your Christmas decorations? Our LED Christmas trees are an easy, stress-free addition of Christmas magic to your festive décor!

Love the idea of a Christmas tree but don’t have the time to decorate? Our Christmas tree standing decorations are the perfect option! Our wooden and rattan Christmas trees are a great pet and kid-friendly Christmas tree for those with little ones running around, and our ceramic Christmas trees are a sophisticated, small Christmas tree perfect as Christmas table decorations.

Christmas Tree Types & Seasonal Styles

Christmas trees come in many different types, from classic green pine Christmas trees to LED Christmas trees, and can be used to create different seasonal styles. 
The classic green Christmas tree draws from evergreen pines and is a perfect base for a wide range of seasonal styles and Christmas decorating themes. Styled with white Christmas garlands and Christmas tree decorations,  you can create a gorgeous white Christmas tree theme or a coastal Christmas tree theme. With traditional Christmas tree decorations, you can create a gorgeous rustic look with a green Christmas tree or go for more modern decorations for a party Christmas style. 

If you’re looking for a glamorous Christmas tree, look no further than our LED Christmas tree or ceramic Christmas tree standing decorations. These gorgeous white Christmas trees are perfect for a winter wonderland Christmas theme.

If you’re looking for a pared-back, natural vibe the wooden and rattan Christmas trees in our range are the perfect botanical Christmas décor for a look that celebrates natural textures and finishes. 

Find the Perfect Fit With Our Range of Christmas Tree Sizes

At Pillow Talk, we’ve curated a range of artificial Christmas trees so that whether you need a large Christmas tree, a small Christmas tree or a mini Christmas tree, there’s a size for you!

Want to add some festive cheer to your coffee table, hallway console or dining table? A mini Christmas tree is the perfect addition. Place a mini pine Christmas tree on your table top and add Christmas lights   and Christmas tree decorations for a pop of Christmas cheer that can evolve with your Christmas style, or use a Christmas tree standing decoration for an easy addition of festive joy. 

Working with a smaller space? A small Christmas tree will allow you to enjoy your Christmas decorations without losing too much living space. Ideal for decorating narrow spaces or high-traffic areas without getting in the way, a small Christmas tree isn’t too overwhelming to decorate but still extends the holiday atmosphere. 

Alternatively, go all out with a large Christmas tree! If you have the space to spare, a large Christmas tree will bring a burst of Christmas spirit into your home. With plenty of space for your beloved Christmas baubles and decorations, you’ll love the look of a larger Christmas tree filled with all the ornaments to spark joy and become a focal point of your holiday styling. 

Explore Pillow Talk’s Christmas trees online or in-store to elevate your Christmas decorating this festive season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

How to decorate a Christmas tree starts with choosing a theme for your Christmas decorations! Once you have your theme decided, your tree is set up and fluffed out and your decorations are ready, it’s time to decorate. If you are using string Christmas lights, it’s a great idea to put them on first so that you can ensure they sit evenly without knocking or dropping any of your treasured ornaments. Start from the top of the Christmas tree and work your way down, wrapping the lights around the tree and spacing them evenly between branches. Next, add your tinsel and Christmas garlands, taking care to space them evenly.

Once you’re finished with the fairy lights, garlands and tinsel, you can move on to your Christmas hanging ornaments, Christmas baubles and picks. There are no absolute rules to hanging ornaments, however, to create a balanced look it’s helpful to use a mix of different sized ornaments and keep them evenly spaced. Once you have hung your baubles and hanging decorations, fill in the gaps using Christmas picks or ribbon. The finishing touches when decorating a Christmas tree are the Christmas tree topper and Christmas tree skirt. Some styles of Christmas tree skirts will need to be put on as you set up the Christmas tree, whereas some styles like hoop and loop closure Christmas tree skirts can be put on after you’ve finished decorating. With a wide range of Christmas tree topper and tree skirt styles, you can match your topper and tree skirt to your Christmas tree theme for a gorgeous and cohesive look.

When to put up a Christmas tree?

The best time to put up a Christmas tree is ultimately the time that suits you best! Traditionally, during the Victorian period, Christmas trees were often put up on the afternoon of Christmas Eve and some families still take part in this tradition. However, it is more common nowadays for people to put up their Christmas tree and Christmas decorations either straight after Halloween or at the start of December. Factors such as whether you’re using an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree also can make a difference to how long you want the Christmas tree up.

When to take down a Christmas tree?

When to take down your Christmas tree is, again, ultimately up to you and the traditions you follow. Some take down the Christmas tree on Boxing Day or before New Year’s to get the house tidied up and ready for the New Year. Others follow the tradition of taking their Christmas trees down on the twelfth night of Christmas (January 5th) or the day after (January 6th), and some people leave their Christmas trees and Christmas decorations up well into January to keep the festive feel going.

How to fluff a Christmas tree?

Want your Christmas tree to look luscious and full? It’s important to fluff your artificial Christmas tree so that it can look its best and gives you a gorgeous base for decorating. Starting at the bottom of your Christmas tree, fan out the tips of each Christmas tree branch in an alternating fashion. This will ensure there are no gaps and the tree trunk is hidden. Work your way up layer by layer from bottom to top, stepping back every so often to see how your Christmas tree is looking and whether you need to fluff any more sections.

How to put Christmas lights on a tree?

Before you start putting your Christmas lights on your tree, it’s a good idea to plug them in and turn them on to make sure they’re working. Once you’ve checked your lights are all good to go, it’s time to start putting them on the Christmas tree! A classic method of putting Christmas lights on the Christmas tree is the weaving method. Start with the end of the Christmas light string and begin weaving the lights around the tree, going around in a circle until you reach the bottom. Plug in the lights and check that they are evenly spaced. Another method for putting Christmas lights on the Christmas tree is the triangle method. Section your tree into three triangles (this can be fewer or more depending on the size of your Christmas tree) and weave your lights from top to bottom in a triangle shape. Ensure not to overlap strings and repeat with the remaining sections until the tree is covered in Christmas lights. For a beautifully bright Christmas tree, you can also wrap each individual branch in Christmas lights. Starting at the top of the Christmas tree, wrap lights around each branch starting from the centre of the tree and work your way around the tree until you reach the bottom. This is the most time-consuming method of putting Christmas tree lights on, but it creates a gorgeous twinkling effect for your Christmas tree.