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Wool Underblankets

The Woollen pile insulates and helps to distribute your body weight evenly which reduces pressure points. The more dense the pile, the more comfort you receive. They are warm inWinter and cool in Summer.

When choosing a Woollen under blanket you should consider the weight of fill, the number of layers of Wool and the style.


The fill is generally measured by weight in GSM. The weight refers to how much a 1 metre square section of fill weighs in GSM.


Woollen underblankets come in a single and double Wool variety. Double Wool has two layers of Wool. The top layer of Wool helps distribute your body weight evenly whilst the inner layer of Wool insulates and adds comfort.


Some underblankets are reversible. Our reversible styles are quilted on the reverse side with a layer of Wool quilted into the Cotton Japara casing. These are excellent for all year round comfort. The Wool pile is warm and insulating in the Winter while in Summer you can turn it over for a cooler Cotton surface. The Cotton absorbs moisture and the Wool helps dissipate it away from the body to keep you cool.

All of our underblankets come in fully-fitted styles with a knitted fabric skirt to stretch over the mattress and fit snugly underneath and fit most mattress sizes.


Benefits of a Woollen Underblanket

  • Natural fibres which cushion your body
  • Fire resistant
  • Don't need an electric blanket (however, it's safe to use with one)
  • Added comfort and protection for your mattress
  • Warm in Winter cool in Summer
  • Good for arthritis sufferers


Care of Your Underblanket

  • Check the care labels for manufacturers' instructions, most Wool under blankets are “ dry clean only ”
  • Due to size and weight we do not recommend laundering in a domestic washing machine
  • We recommend that you air the under blanket regularly to keep them fresh and soft
  • Rotate the under blanket on the bed regularly to distribute “wear” more evenly



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