There is no better feeling than walking into a home that is practically blooming on the inside. Nature can be incredibly emotive, easily bringing feelings of joy and freshness to the home. While many may associate these feelings with fresh flowers from a flower market, they are also easily achieved with our range of incredibly lifelike, artificial flora and foliage.

So, why artificial flowers over fresh?

Artificial flowers and stems are a low maintenance, cost-effective alternative and are not restricted by seasonality or lifespan, making them an irresistible choice for your home.

[ceo_image] Red Berry Native Floral Flower arrangement

Flora & Foliage How To Guide 

We understand that it can be hard to know where to start when arranging a bouquet of artificial flowers for the first time.

Follow this easy step by step guide to choosing the right stems for your home.


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Modern Native White Floral Flower arrangement 
Step 1

Before you get started there are a few questions you need to ask yourself about what vase you’re going to use and where the flowers will be displayed. These elements will help you decide the style, size and shape of your arrangement. - Do you already have a vase in mind? Where are the flowers going? 

Still haven't chosen a vase? We've got a wide range of vases to select from.

Dried Floral Flower arrangement
Step 2 

Now’s the time to pick the flowers! 

  • Pick the hero flower. This is the flower you are most drawn to and suits the overall look you are trying to achieve.
  • Pick a complementing stem. These are the stems that work well with the hero flower but do not overpower it. This can be greenery, another flower, or both.
  • Add the finishing touch. It could be flower buds for texture, branches for height or a hanging stem to create shape.

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Bright Coloured Floral Flower arrangement
Step 3 

Although your artificial flowers will last forever, we encourage you to refresh your bouquet from time to time to update your look and keep it looking fresh.

  • Keep the greenery of your existing arrangement and just update or change the colour of the hero flowers. 
  • Split a larger arrangement into two smaller ones by separating the styles of flowers and bending or cutting the stems to suit a smaller vase. 
  • Rotate your flowers throughout your house to change up the look.  


Still looking for inspiration? View our Botanical lookbook. 

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