Bath Runners & Bath Rugs

A bath runner can offer warmth along with an atmospheric appeal to any bathroom design. Being such a staple décor element within a traditionally smaller space, a bath runner can add a pop of colour, texture or pattern to your bathroom. The larger size of the bath runner in comparison to a bath mat can also assist in elongating and creating the sense of a bigger space.

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Apart from aesthetics, bath runners also offer versatility and functionality. A bath runner can be used as a rug in front of the bathroom sink to shelter you from cold tiles while you go about your morning or evening routine. Alternatively, the more traditional use is placed beside a bath or larger shower to mop up any excess moisture or water.

The larger surface area of the bath runner also makes it a great choice for parents looking to minimise splashes while the little ones play. This ensures bath time remains fun and playful without the added stress of stopping slips and drying the bathroom floor afterwards.

Our bath runner collection features a variety of sizes and design styles to suit your colour palette. Featuring quote bath runners, patterned bath runners, floral bath runners, reversible bath runners, resort-style bath runners and more. Create a sanctuary for yourself at home and infuse your signature style into your bathroom décor, with Pillow Talk’s collection of premium bath runner mats. Shop online or in-store now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bath runner?

A bath runner is a rug similar to that of a bath mat, except a bath runner has a much longer length. It is used in bathroom design typically bedside a bath or shower, or in front of a bathroom sink, to provide softness underfoot and mop up any excess water or moisture.

What is the difference between a bath rug and a bath mat?

A bath rug is a small bath mat typically placed outside the bath or shower to provide an anti-slip surface while also soaking up excess water. While a bath rug is typically plusher and is used as a decorative element, such as a bath runner, to infuse style, colour and texture into a bathroom design.