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Care Tips

  • To increase the softness and absorbency of new towels/bath mats and to remove finishing agents, wash in cold water without detergent before use.
  • Ensure washing detergent is dissolved before it touches your towel/mat to avoid bleach spots.
  • Some facial cleansers, other facial products and hair dyes contain Benzoyl Peroxide which strip the colour or change the colour of your towel/mat. Therefore it is important to rinse your skin thoroughly before using your towel/mat.
  • Avoid using silicone based fabric conditioners when washing your towels/mats, this coats the cotton fibres and makes the towel/mat less absorbent.
  • The use of too much detergent and over drying your towel/bath mat on either a line or in a dryer can leave it feeling stiff and rough. This weakens the fibres of the towel and causes them to lose shape. Be careful with the amount of detergent you use and only tumble dry on cool/warm settings. The tumble drying of rubber backed bathmats is not recommended.
  • Pillow Talk provide step by step guidelines on all of their bath mats/ towel ranges which outline the best way to care for that item.