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Towel Sizing Guide

The size of towels varies slightly between brands. As a general guide, unless indicated otherwise, the range of sizes of our towels are as follows:


Bath Sheet  80-100 x 150-170 cm
Bath Towel  68-70 x 132-140 cm
Hand Towel  40-50 x 60-70 cm
Washer  30-34 x 30-34 cm
Towelling Bath Mat  50-60 x 80-85 cm
Tufted Bath Mat  48-55 x 78-85 cm
Tufted Contour Mat  45-55 x 45-55 cm


Please note that the sizes and weights of our towels have been supplied as a general guide for comparision purposes. These carry with them reasonable degrees of tolerance either side as they can vary between batches.