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Caring For Your Bed Linen

Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions.
It is recommended you wash your linen separately before using it for the first time as this will wash out any excess dye and finishing products.
Dissolve your detergent or washing powder fully before you add your linen. Optical brighteners are added to most modern detergents and washing powders to whiten and brighten your washing. If the washing powder has not been properly dissolved before adding your linen, the optical brightener may take hold of the fibres and cause light or faded patches, sometimes described as bleach spots.
We suggest that you wash and dry your quilt cover inside out. This will protect any embellishment during the washing process and will prevent fading of the design when line drying. Avoid the temptation to speed up the washing process by overloading your machine, your wash won`t get as clean and often ends up with soap marks.