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Products FAQ

Q. Why Do Towels Go Hard?

A. When washing towels, using too little detergent allows mineral salts in the water supply to be deposited back into the fibres during rinsing. Hard or coarse feeling towels can also be a by-product of drying towels in direct sunlight or on too high a heat setting in the tumble dryer. Make sure to always dry towels in the shade or tumble dry on a cool to warm setting.

Q. What Is The Benefit Of A Feather And Down Fill Quilt?

A. The feather and down filling in our quilts was designed by nature so its insulating qualities are unsurpassed. Being all natural, feather and down also allows the body to breathe, so not only can you be warm in winter but it will also help to keep you cool in summer. The higher the percentage of down - the warmer and lighter a quilt becomes. The higher the percentage of feathers - the cooler and heavier a quilt becomes.

Q. What Is The Benefit Of A Wool Quilt?

A. Wool is one of the best materials to sleep under in this often humid climate. It absorbs more moisture than other materials and as with feather and down, wool is natural, so allows for air circulation. Wool quilts are heavier than feather and down, giving you a secure, cuddly, weightier feel.

Q. What Is The Difference Between A Comforter, A Bedspread And A Coverlet?

A1. A comforter is usually the same size as a quilt cover - it drapes over the sides of the bed but unlike a quilt cover it has the “inner” sewn inside the cover permanently.

A2. A coverlet is a lightweight throw over, it is usually larger than a quilt cover so that it drapes further down the sides of the bed but doesn`t touch the floor. A coverlet is usually heavily embroidered or quilted. A bedspread covers the entire bed all the way to the floor.

Q. Are There Different Sized Fitted Sheets For Deeper Mattresses?

A. There are many different mattress sizes so we stock sheets that will fit mattress depths all the way up to 50cm. A Super Queen and King and a Mega Queen and King Size fit a queen or king size bed but will have the deeper wall to fit a deeper mattress.

Q. What Is The Difference Between a Standard Pillow Case and a Tailored Pillow Case?

A. Both standard and tailored pillowcases are the same size and fit the same size pillows but a tailored pillowcase has an extra piece of fabric that creates a border effect all the way around the pillowcase.

Q. Do You Sell Sheets To Fit King Single Sized Beds?

A. Yes, we stock a large range of sheets to fit both single and king single sized beds so that the fitted sheet fits snugly. For a King Single Size bed we recommend a Double Size Quilt Cover. A King Single Bed measures approximately 107 x 203 cm and the double quilt cover is 180 x 210 cm so allows for a generous 36cm overhang on each side.

Q. My mattress is too hot, can you help?

A. Often synthetic mattresses and toppers are too warm, especially in warmer climates. Since they are synthetic, they do not breath the same as a natural product. We therefore recommend that you use one of our woolen underblankets to solve this problem. Since wool is a natural fibre it breaths and pulls the moisture away from the body. Most of our underblankets are reversible with one side wool and the other cotton for all year round comfort. If you use this cotton side up it will cool your mattress down.