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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pillow is best?

The type of pillow that’s best for you is the one that suits your personal sleep style while providing optimal support. A good quality pillow has the potential to last for many years when covered with a washable pillow protector which acts as a barrier against dirt, sweat and dust mites for those who suffer from allergies.

Is there a pillow option that helps me to stay cool while I sleep?

Pillow Talk offers a gel memory foam pillow specifically designed for hot sleepers. The memory foam is infused with a cooling gel that works by absorbing excess heat from the sleeper. We also offer a separate cooling pillow protector so you can continue to sleep soundly with your favourite pillow in the hot weather.

How long should you sleep on the same pillow?

There is no precise length of time as to how long you should sleep on the same pillow. If you are using a pillow protector and are washing it and your pillow regularly, your pillow has the potential to last for quite some time. Fill quality will also have an impact on your pillow’s effectiveness over time; if you are finding that you are no longer getting a sound night’s sleep or are waking up with neck pain, your pillow may no longer be providing the support you need, and it may be time for a replacement.

Can I wash my pillows?

Our latex, synthetic, feather, bamboo and cotton pillows are all washable, however for optimal care it is always best to read the instruction label as requirements do vary. Memory foam pillows can be spot cleaned and must be dried thoroughly before re-use.

How do I choose the right pillow for neck pain?

Choosing the right pillow for neck pain is similar to choosing a pillow in general where you select the pillow best suited to your sleep style. This way, whatever pillow you select, whether it be a medium loft pillow for sleeping on your back or high-medium loft for side sleeping, your spine will be in alignment and your neck properly supported. 

How do I know how firm my pillow should be?

How firm your pillow should be depends on a couple of factors – your preferred sleep position and body weight. People who sleep on their stomach typically need a pillow to be soft to prevent the neck from overarching, whereas side sleepers or people with neck and head pain require a firmer pillow to support the gap in the neck. However, if a side sleeper has a lighter body weight, they may find more comfort from a softer pillow.

How do I take care of my pillow?

Frequently airing your pillow is an easy way to refresh and loft the filling while helping to remove body moisture that can accumulate during sleep.
It is always best to use an effective pillow protector as it will act as a shield against dust mites, bacteria and mould forming moisture, while washing your protector and pillow regularly (according to care label instructions) will help lengthen the lifespan of the pillow. Finally, if you are using feathered pillows, spritzing them with linen spray can help reduce unpleasant odour.

When should you replace your pillow?

If your pillow begins to feel lumpy or you are waking up with aches and pain it is likely that it has lost its structural integrity and will need to be replaced. If you are still unsure, you can conduct a simple ‘spring’ test by placing the pillow on a firm surface and pressing down with your hand, if the pillow fails to spring back quickly or not at all it is ready to retire.

Which pillow is best for sleeping?

The pillow best suited for a good night’s sleep is one that matches your sleep style and comfort preferences. It is important to note that the best pillow for you may vary from the recommend type for you sleep style. While it is suggested that the best pillow profile for back sleepers is medium with a medium loft, if you have a heavy build and are using a feather pillow you may need to adjust to a high loft or firm density feather pillow to compensate for the softness of the feathers.