Christmas Baubles

Whether you’re beginning your Christmas decoration collection or looking to give your Christmas tree a makeover, you’ll love the festive magic our Christmas bauble range brings to your holiday decorating for years to come!

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Christmas Bauble Types & Sizes

At Pillow Talk, we’ve curated a versatile Christmas bauble range with glitter Christmas baubles, clear Glass Christmas baubles, wooden Baubles and more! Effortlessly fill your Christmas tree with our large Christmas baubles or our Christmas bauble packs. These provide a convenient and stylish way to decorate your Christmas tree. With a range of colours, including gold Christmas baubles, white Christmas baubles, pink Christmas baubles, silver Christmas baubles, natural Christmas baubles, red Christmas baubles and clear Christmas baubles you’re sure to find the perfect Christmas baubles for your Christmas tree theme!

How to Hang Baubles & Style Them In Your Home

Christmas baubles are a festive addition to any Christmas tree, but their styling use doesn’t end there! Hung on your tree, Christmas baubles are excellent to tie into your Christmas tree theme and fill the space between branches, Christmas lights and tinsel. You can hang them on the tree using the attached loop for hanging or by using our pliable and convenient Christmas Ornament Hooks, depending on the look you’re after. You can also use Christmas baubles to create a unique Christmas wreath that reflects your home’s style and create a cohesive Christmas décor theme throughout your home!

Neatly and firmly attach your Christmas baubles to your Christmas wreath using their hanging cords or ribbon. Once they are securely attached, you can hang your Christmas wreath in your hallway, over your fireplace or in the living room to spread Christmas cheer throughout your home. Christmas baubles are also an amazing addition to your Christmas table setting and another way to create a cohesive Christmas design theme. Whether you use them to create a Christmas centerpiece or as part of your Christmas place settings, Christmas baubles are a versatile tool, especially when matched with complimentary Christmas table linen and Christmas table decorations.

Complete Your Christmas Tree With Our Signature Christmas Baubles

Whether you’re a fan of a white Christmas or coastal Christmas look , a traditional joyful Christmas theme or want to bring the festive fun to your Christmas decorating with a modern party Christmas décor collection Pillow Talk have the Christmas baubles to suit. To create your coastal Christmas tree theme, use elements like the white and blue Christmas baubles to add a nautical colour scheme for that seaside vibe. For a more traditional theme, pair red, green, white and gold Christmas baubles for a classic

Christmas look that you’re sure to love for years to come. Bring a modern look to your Christmas styling with glitter Christmas baubles and clear glass Christmas baubles for a sleek, glamorous look that will have you enjoying the party feel of the festive season.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store Christmas Baubles?

Before storing your Christmas baubles, remove any ornament hooks or extra attachments. There are a few different ideas for storing your Christmas baubles safely, such as using cardboard boxes with dividers, egg cartons for smaller Christmas baubles or baskets within bigger storage containers to keep them in place throughout the year. Whichever storage option you choose, it is a good idea to wrap items individually in layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap to avoid any damage through the year.

How to make Christmas wreath with baubles?

Whether you want a Christmas wreath made from Christmas baubles or simply want to create a cohesive look between your Christmas wreath and Christmas tree decorations, Christmas baubles are a great addition! To make a Christmas wreath with baubles, start with a wire frame wreath and either securely and neatly tie your Christmas baubles onto the frame, or hot glue them. Make sure the tip of your bauble faces the back of the wreath so it isn’t visible. Use artificial flowers , Christmas picks and ribbon to fill any gaps for a full and gorgeous wreath. Looking to spruce us your existing Christmas wreath? Securely and neatly tie Christmas baubles into the wreath using either their hanging cords, or ribbon for a fresh new look!

How to place Christmas baubles on tree?

While all of Pillow Talk’s Christmas baubles feature a hanging ribbon or cord so that you can easily hang them on your Christmas tree branches, you can also use our pliable ornament hooks for a more secure method of hanging. Simply place the cord or hook over the Christmas tree branch, ensuring that it is in the position you want by moving the hook or cord up or down the branch.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with baubles?

The first step to decorating your Christmas tree with Christmas baubles is to decide what look and theme you want for your Christmas tree this year. Once you’ve decided on a Christmas tree theme, fluff up your Christmas tree so that it looks lovely and full – a perfect base for your baubles and Christmas tree décor – and add lights and tinsel. After you’ve placed these base pieces, it’s time to start decorating with your Christmas baubles!

There are many approaches to Christmas bauble placement on a Christmas tree, which can vary depending on what you like best. Some like to cluster three baubles of different sizes for a touch of flair, whereas some like them equally spaced throughout the tree. Large Christmas baubles should be hung close to the centre so you can create depth in your look and ensure that the weight of the heavier decorations is adequately supported by the branches.

Small and medium Christmas baubles can be hung more towards the end of the branches, so long as they are securely hung. If you have hero ornaments that you want to display, make sure to hang them in feature positions – usually around eye level and in the front of the tree.